Icelandic Water Exports
BulkAqua is a high volume exporter of Icelandic natural fresh water in Flexitank containers with a 24.000 L capacity. We conform to the highest attainable standard of quality and purity in both harvesting and distribution of BulkAqua water worldwide.  
Storage & transportation
Based on revolutionary storage and transportation technology, conventional freight containers are filled with water and delivered directly to the buyer. 
Supporting infrastructure
BulkAqua’s mission is to provide pristine water in bulk across the globe. Over the decade BulkAqua has exported quality water from Iceland to the Middle East, Central and North America and mainland Europe. Today our water is transported in containers. In the future we will moor tankers outside cities connect to the local water grid as an integral part of local infrastrucure. 
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Bulk Aqua is based in Iceland.
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