About Us


BulkAqua’s mission is to expand into large bulk shipments in tankers. The concept involves mooring tankers outside selected metropolitan areas and connecting them to the local water grid as an integral part of the local infrastructure. Medium bulk shipments would be within our bulk water / Flexi-Tanks that provide means of moving bulk water still while using traditional shipping methods. The Flexi-Tanks provide opportunities for direct unloads into storage tanks for multiple usages or boxed for consumers using state of the art water boxing systems.

BulkAqua ehf registered in 2007 has been an exporter of Icelandic natural freshwater for over 13 years, has experience with satisfied customed transporting liquid commodities around the world. Flexitank technology makes it possible to ship water across the globe in standard shipping containers with a capacity of 24.000 L. The containers are delivered directly to buyers mainly in  Europe. BulkAqua ehf management has experience operating global bottling and beverage operations.

To provide an economically viable, environmentally conscious, and socially acceptable means to deliver healthy and pure drinking water to the four corners of the world thus improving the quality of life in a sustainable way for communities and individuals regardless of status or cultural background.